To facilitate valuable interactions between businesses and their customers, helping both win.

Deliver adaptable and intelligent platforms, allowing businesses to onboard customers instantly, and keep them engaged & loyal.

Safi Khan

Founder & CEO

Ibrahim Hakim


Asad Abdulla


With humble beginnings in 2014, we started conceiving and building a real-time digital advertising platform, that was then molded into a flexible and easy to use loyalty program with basic functionality
Faced many bumps and hurdles along the way, got some early adopters, learnt a lot (still learning a lot), and started enhancing the program by adding more features
Gradually on-boarded few more partners, incorporated functionality for seamless interoperability with different POS systems and ecommerce platforms, and focused heavily on staff training to ensure smooth execution. All the whilst keeping a constant eye on shopper behaviors, transaction patterns and program measurability.
This loyalty program has now blossomed into a comprehensive customer engagement platform, delivering smiles to thousands of shoppers across the country.

We are finally ready to disrupt the consumer market on a massive scale and help transform the customers’ purchasing experience to the next level